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Affirmations boost morale and retention

A weekly group positivity exercise has created a culture that encourages employee longevity and gives coworkers a chance to get to know each other outside work-related interactions.

Purchasing outlook for 2020

Three purchasing executives from diverse industry segments share a common mission: working more closely with suppliers to prepare for changes ahead.

UAW deals fail to curb health care cost burden

Two of the Detroit 3 won the ability to close plants, but the automakers agreed to contracts that are costlier than expected and don't address one of their top priorities: reducing their massive health care burden.

Uber report adds fuel to ride-hailing reform fire

The results of Uber’s 2017-18 safety report, released this month, follow several external efforts to reform ride-hailing services.

Hyundai, Kia, Genesis moving fast on new vehicles, technology

Not only are Hyundai, Kia and Genesis growing U.S. sales in a down market this year, but the company is investing billions of dollars in new technologies globally that could allow it to leapfrog traditional competitors.