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Joyson factory makeover strives to put Takata in past

As the company that owns what used to be troubled Takata, the safety supplier is determined to start anew.

Can Hyundai Santa Cruz capture not-a-truck niche?

The plan is not so much to take on the pickup market. Think of that cargo bed as a crossover feature.

The long histor-e of automakers tinkering with electric cars

It was Charles Kettering who killed the EV. And he did it with an electric motor.

VW adds 3-row ID6 crossover to EV family

The VW ID6 unveiled at the Shanghai auto show will go on sale in China first, but it is likely to be eventually added to the automaker's U.S. lineup and built on its new EV line in Chattanooga.

Reuss and Reuss on EV1 and its Impact

Mark and Lloyd discussed the legacy of the Impact concept and its production version, the EV1, for Automotive News. Here are edited excerpts of their conversation.